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Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact    NEW BOOK

By Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to quickly, simply, and accurately measure the impact of all your training initiatives.  Paul's new book is a step-by-step guide to measuring Level 1 - 5 and adds a critical Level 6 to maximize the impact of that training back on the job. 

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 Level 6: Think About Measuring a Whole New Level

 Paul Leone, Ph.D.

 How to add a business-critical Level 6 to your measurement strategy

 How Does Your Customer Service Training Measure Up?

 Paul Leone, Ph.D. 

 How to measure your training Level 1 - 6 

 Practice Makes Perfect

 Paul Leone, Ph.D.

 How to measure the effectiveness and ROI of Sales Training using Rehearsal and Role Play                       

Do Better Leaders Make Us More Productive?

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to measure the impact of Front-line Leaders                                                                                                                             

Measuring the ROI of Social Media at Work

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to measure if social media usage within your organization leads to higher performance

Training Journal: How to Measure Your Training  

Paul Leone, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                               

Step by step guide to measuring all your training initiatives to Level 6

Training or Vacation?

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

Defining the value of training including a case study from Verizon

Does Your Training "Work"? Try a Warmer Climate!

By Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to get more impact by changing the employee's environment

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Plant Training...and Watch It Bloom

By Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to create the right "environment" for training application back on the job

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The ROI of Leadership Training: Can Soft Skills Lead to Hard Results?

By Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to Measure your Leadership Training.   

It's Time to Measure Impact

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How and WHY organizations need to measure their training initiatives

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Training Impact: It's All About Climate Change

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to measure the post-traiing climates that really predict impact and ROI

Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to build the critical "bridge" that finally connects training to bottom-line results - read the INTRODUCTION to Paul's NEW BOOK

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The ROI of Great Training Content

Paul Leone, Ph,D

How to ensure your training content will have a measurable ROI

Bridging the Gap between Training and Business Results

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to create a clear path from training initiatives to desired business outcomes

Taking ROI to Level 6

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to add a crucial Level 6 analysis to the traditional 5 levels of evaluation

How to Measure the ROI of Leadership Training

Paul Leone, Ph.D

How to evaluate the impact Level 1 - 6 of your leadership training programs

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The ROI of a Good Competency Model

Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to create and measure a strong competency model

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The REAL ROI of Leadership Development

PDI Ninth House   I   Paul Leone, Ph.D.

How to measure and compare the impact of leadership training - a case study at American Express 

Closing the Gap Between Learning and Performance

Corporate Executive Board   I   A Discussion with Dr. Paul Leone

How to improve and sustain the impact of training

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